Bone-Side Down Barbecue & Grill


Bone-Side Down Barbecue & Grill

The Best BBQ Joint Ever.

We are a walk -up/take out / Sit outside if you want BBQ joint! We do catering for delivery or pick-up we do have rules for delivery on another section of our web page.Our catering season is May thru September. We also do buffet style for an additional charge. What we do from our blend of choice of woods, to the way we carefully smoke our high quality meats, to the 12 to 18 hours of actual smoking, is all the result of our passion and dedication to providing the best BBQ experience.

My name is Ron Arteaga.

I’m the owner of Bone Side Down BBQ & Grill and I’M the Pit Man.I have been grilling/smoking bbq since I was 15 years old… and no, I was not really good at it! I have learned a lot since then.Actually I’m still learning. No one person can know everything about working the pit! Everyone has their own method. That is what makes smoking/grilling so great! If we all did it the same way it would be pretty dammmn boring!

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