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The Tea & Coffee Exchange was founded on the belief that if you create the best selection of teas and make each drink a unique experience in taste, smell and benefit to the individual drinking it, then you have achieved how tea was meant to be enjoyed.

After four years of research, tasting, developing our own recipes and premiere brewing system, we are confident that our dedication for offering the finest loose leaf teas makes it possible for us to give you the ultimate taste and enjoyment with each drink.

Ours teas are from some of the finest growers that share the same vision for excellence in taste that we have and our staff is made up of individuals that have the same passion for tea and all the benefits it brings to our customers. Great people and great products are what the Tea & Coffee Exchange is all about!

Besides just tasting delicious, tea has many benefits for your health. With that is mind, we are able to offer you information that you can apply to your daily routine to enhance your well-being.

By using only the freshest, finest loose leaf teas we offer you premium teas that you can see, smell and taste, knowing you are naturally giving your body and mind the balance and supplements it needs for well-being. The antioxidants in our teas are just one of the many benefits you receive on a daily basis.

Tea lovers know that drinking a cup of tea can be a new experience each time because of the wide variety of teas that are so good on their own or infused with other flavors to satisfy your taste. We offer over 95 teas to give you the type of tea you already enjoy and to experience new flavors.

When enjoying tea in our store you will notice that whether you order a hot tea, an iced tea or a tea latte every drink is brewed especially for you, using our own unique brewing system. By using the right temperature of water, the right amount of tea and brewing for the right length of time, you get the optimum taste in your tea drink.

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